Grow landscape design and architecture complex

About Us


Grow landscape design and architecture complex was established and launched by Dr. Zohreh Razmavar in the Mosha district of Tehran in 2015. This complex's name is derived from growth and beginning again and is equivalent to Grow in English. This complex was initially set up with three members, and now about 40 people including senior supervisors, gardeners, and experts in the fields of blacksmithing, carpentry, and installations collaborate in this complex. In our complex, discipline has always been our slogan.

About Founder

Mrs.Zohreh Razmavar holds a Ph.D. degree in horticulture with expertise in ornamental plants and has more than 16 years of education, research, and work experience in designing, building, and maintaining green spaces.

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What We Do



Estimate and plan all the steps



Design and ideas



make ideas into real

We offer the following services:


Designing and providing a map
of the property

Landscape architecture (implementation of the map, preparation of the planting bed, selecting the appropriate types of plants)

Relocating and planting mature and huge trees (using the Rootball method);


Considering especial places for animals like horse racing stables and manager, doghouse, chicken coop

Improving the quality by providing sitting areas and outdoor kitchens

Landscape designing
(3D designing)

Establishing different types of gardens: Iranian, European, Japanese, rocky, medicinal herbs, Mediterranean, and Zen gardens.

Equipment for planting vegetables and summer crops, farm and vineyards

Swimming pool and pool for breeding fish and also ponds


All different kinds of barbeque

Green space maintenance (watering, pruning, feeding, spraying)

Design and construction types of greenhouse both industrial and indoor for tropical plants, vegetables, fruits, ornamental and berries.


Building outdoor structures for roofing systems like pergola and arbor

Placing firewood frames and all kind of fireplaces for outdoor space


Complete the design process by using decorative items like fountain and statue


Private gardens and villas include:
• 13 hectares, located in Meshkin Dasht Karaj
• 12,000 square meters in Derkeh, Tehran
• 14000 square meters in Karaj
• 5000 square meters in Mallard Karaj
• 7000 square meters in Mosha
• and a dozen of smaller gardens in the Mosha district

Industrial projects include:
• Farank Pars Button Factory
• Tivan factory
• Ertebat Novin Sanat Factory
• Beh Nakh Sazan Factory

Latest Project

Location: 480-hectare farm in Damavand

In the project, efforts have been made to make the farm appear perennial with the planting of evergreen trees such as cedars, English oaks, and ironwood trees.

Location: Mosha, Damavand
Landscape Area: 1400 m2

Other Projects

Other Projects